We've developed the only all-in-one insurance solution for Amazon Deliver Partners built in collaboration with local DSPs for you!

We have created the first of its kind, best in its class insurance services totally customized for the unique needs of the Amazon Delivery Service Partners. Our exclusive program was built with the input of Amazon DSPs by you, for you!

Our DSP Concierge service means that you have dedicated support from people who are part of the Amazon DSP Community.

Great News For Amazon Deliver Service Partners

We are the first and only true collaboration of the insurance industry and you, the Amazon DSP owners and workers.

We have combined the insurance industry and Amazon DSPs to give you services that no one else can. Our proprietary model has both Licensed DSP Concierge Service as well as a DSP Insurance Advocate.

Our DSP Concierges handle nothing but Amazon DSP business, All day, every day.

Trusted Advisor

With more than 35 years in business and licensed as an agency in all 50 States our program is designed specifically to meet the requirements set forth by Amazon for DSPs like you.

Affordable, Simple & Easy Process

Our program allows you to start coverage quickly and easily with a streamlined process and easy to manage cash flow solutions.


We are the only provider to offer both DSP Concierge Service as well as a DSP Insurance Advocate Service. Amazon DSPs will have a dedicated team throughout the whole process.

Coverages your business will need now and in the future

Coverage your business needs now to operate today combined with additional customized resources to maximize your revenue and wealth going forward. We have brought together the best-in-class providers in each area of the DSP business and have broken it down into four distinct areas.

Auto Liability, General Liability and Cargo

Workers Comp and Employer Liability

Health Insurance & Benefits for you and your employees

Accounting & Financial Planning

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    We partner with the best insurance companies writing insurance for Amazon DSPs

    Pay As You Go

    No big deposits or ugly premium audit bills. Keep your money in your pocket. Improve your cashflow.

    Seasonal Flexibility

    We know that in your business there are busier times and slower times throughout the year. Our technology allows you to add vehicles and drivers in real time. Allowing you to focus on your business needs.

    Claims Management

    We proactively work with you to control your claims and claim payouts to keep your insurance costs in line.

    Reasons why Amazon DSP contractors choose DSP Insurance Center

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